Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Confession Time

I have two confessions today.

Confession #1 - I am into my 3rd year of marriage and last night, I used my mop for the very first time. (I know, mom, that's not how you raised me)
But here's the thing. We were living in an apartment with literally, the world's smallest kitchen. Like literally. I think it has a chance for a Guinness world record. It puts boat galleys to shame...
I couldn't stand behind the stove to open it, I had to stand next to it
So because of tiny said kitchen, I never really had the need to mop.  Every once in a while I would get a wet paper towel and run it over the floor a bit and call it a day.  A mop wouldn't have even fit in the sink! But I know, I know, I can use all the excuses I want - it's still pretty shameful.

Especially when you ask me the question, "but haven't you been living at your new house for over a month and this is the first time you're mopping?" So please, don't ask me that question, OK?

Donny kept saying "wow it smells so clean" - I think that was his way of saying,
wow, you should do this more often." But I told him, sorry babe, I only mop once every 2.5 years...

Now that I'm done with confession #1, it's time for:

Confession #2 - I'm getting really tired of the Color Run. I know everyone "loves" the Color Run and thinks it's like the greatest idea for a race ever. But I'm just plain sick of hearing about it.

But here's why. Everyone's always posting it on Pinterest and Facebook and saying things like "I'm soo doing this one day." Or "we should totally do the Color Run." Or putting it on their Pinterest "bucket list." But of the dozens of people who have talked about it to me, either directly or indirectly, - I only know of 2 people who have ACTUALLY done it.  (Go Lacey and Carissa!)

Come on ladies - don't just talk about it - DO IT! Step 1 is Run! (My husband thinks he coined that phrase and I can't find anyone else specifically who said it so I can't really argue with him).

But seriously - just sign up.  Even if you're not "ready" today. It's a run/walk and there is absolutely no shame in walking your first 5K. If you wait for the perfect conditions they will never come. If you're waiting for the perfect running partner who is going to make you do it - you become that person.

I know that the race isn't always offered in your area so it might be awhile before it's here again but sign up anyway.  Most races start sign ups months and months before the race. Plus - they're adding new locations all the time because it is so dang popular.

It's not that expensive, it's offered in a city near you, it's a super non-threatening race, and I guarantee you, I GUARANTEE YOU, that you will NOT COME IN LAST PLACE.

No matter how slow you think you are - there is always someone out there slower than you.


So please, don't just talk about it - BE ABOUT IT.

You will feel so good when you do.

Source: The Color Run.  See I'm even posting a link to send you right to their website

Alright I'll step down off my soap box and if you're hating me for being mean, just remember that I'm gross and didn't mop for 2.5 years.


  1. I'm super proud to have been one of the ones to do it!!!! Shout out to me!

    1. Get 'er done! (now we just have to get you running 10ks... and then halfs... and then fulls... and then ultras!)

  2. How many calories do you think mopping burns??? Maybe you can add that to your weekly workouts??? :)

    1. haha only if my kitchen were about 1,000 square feet bigger...

  3. I'm signed up to do The Color Run and am sick of it already too! It's coming to LA in February and another similar one Run or Dye is also coming to LA in March. (Plus it's only $20 on zozi.com right now, seriously no excuse now!)