Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Famous Last Words

Today is weigh-in #2 for the Holiday Slimdown Challenge and I totally talked myself into a corner. I said in my first slimdown post, "Oh, my weight doesn't fluctuate too much, blah, blah, blah." Well if my weight doesn't fluctuate, then I gained 2 pounds this week. BOO!!
BUUUUUT it's a good opportunity to self-evaluate and realize I'm not doing as well as I thought and get a little more serious about my food choices.

One of my problems is that I haven't had a "real" grocery shopping trip in about 2 weeks, so my food choices have been limited to either frozen or processed.  Definitely not ideal.  Unfortunately, my time is basically 100% booked until Saturday so I'm not sure yet how I'm going to solve that problem...

I hope the rest of you out there are doing better than I am...

In other news, I skipped my run yesterday.  (I'm just kind of off this week apparently). My mother-in-law wanted to take me to Ikea and I just wasn't in the mood to rush home and run and then rush home and shower and then rush to her house and feel frazzled and exhausted.  I'll definitely try to run Thursday morning now and Sunday as well...

But Ikea was pretty great.  She bought us our Christmas present - a new table and chairs. We don't have a dining room in our new place, but there is space, kind of like a small breakfast nook, in the kitchen so we needed something much smaller than what we had before. It's a little folding guy that mounts to the wall. It might be too small and Donny is nervous about how sturdy it will be but we'll see, I like it.

And Since Lacey has been such a good reader and is such a good friend, and completed the Color Run - I'm posting this picture of her husband on her behalf:
Photo Credit: Danielle Hastings

OK, OK, OK this isn't actually Lacey's husband...


  1. Whoa! How did you get a picture of Aaron 40 years from now????