Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's a Sponge Bob Christ! (and so much more)

 Sorry - that doesn't have anything to do with anything, I just thought the title of this special was hilarious and wanted to share it all with you.


It's been a busy and productive few days!

Let's start with Black Friday, shall we?

I taught my cycling class early Friday morning which was great because I was wide awake for shopping! I headed over to JoAnn (did you know the store is called "JoAnn" not "JoAnn's"? I just recently learned that it's not possessive)  They had some SWEET deals.  All the Christmas stuff was 50% off, and then my total purchase was 25% off of that! I got all kinds of stuff to make Christmas crafts.  Also some fabric for more bunting so all in all it was a successful trip.

I got home and was ready to craft up a storm so I set up shop in our tiny yard and went to town with glitter and gold spray paint and fun!

Ok, so this isn't a Christmas craft but I had the glitter and spray glue out and was NEEDING to find things to glitter.

  So that all took a few hours but then I was still feeling inspired so Donny and I continued decorating our new little house (we moved in about a month ago)
It's our gallery wall!
We also went to Kmart hoping to find cheap Christmas lights but were unsuccessful.  I know that LED is supposed to be better and stuff, I just don't like the way they look... is that bad?

The busyness continued on today...
My run today marked the completion of my first "Weekly Work it Out!" and I'm excited to say I accomplished my goals! In fact, I did more than planned because I picked up an extra boot camp class this morning before my 6 mile run.  I have to admit doing those back-to-back was a little tough, but I did it! And I even rescued a little dog at the end! (We found his owner about 20 minutes later).

I really enjoy being busy and getting stuff done so days like yesterday and today are great for me. Here's my eclectic day through 2:30 p.m.
Boot camp class
bought donuts for a dessert
Ran 6 miles
Rescued a dog
Bought Bingo prizes at the 99 Cents Store
Bought supplies for an appetizer
Made the donut dessert
Went on a hot lunch date (as my little treat for accomplishing my goals)

Wrapped Bingo prizes
Showered (finally) and went to a post Thanksgiving Bingo party at my parents' house!

Whew! Are you bored with all my photos yet? I'll stop for now. I'll post next week's work out plans on Monday morning.

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