Monday, November 12, 2012

Prioritizing my Workouts

As I mentioned on Thursday, some friends of mine got married on Saturday. I do some event coordinating on the side, so I helped make sure their ceremony ran smoothly. Everything was very cute and sweet and I definitely teared up a few times (I just love, love).
The problem with the day though was I failed to prioritize my workout.  I knew I wanted to get in a 4 mile run and should have known that since I had to be at the church by 3 p.m. I needed to do it earlier in the day.  But when my dad called and asked if I wanted to go get breakfast with him, I just couldn't decline, so rationalized, "I'll run after breakfast." Well then after breakfast, I had to do a quick blog posting, and all of a sudden it was 1:30 and I had to be ready to leave by 2:45. Whoops! (no the irony that my health blog getting in the way of exercising is not lost on me.)

But thankfully I have an awesome and super motivating husband. So when we got home at 9 p.m., we put on all white (so cars would see us) and did a very brisk 3.5 miles. So not quite the 4 I was hoping for, but after walking around all night in heels, I figured it wasn't too shabby.

My next race is the Tinker Bell Half Marathon on January 20. (Well I've also got the Electric Run 5K in a couple weeks, but it's just a fun run).

One of my exercise goals is to run at least 4 times and to cover close to 20 miles a week.  I did a really terrible job of training for my last race so I really want to be better this time around.  Last year I ran the Tinker Bell in 2:15 so my small goal is to at least beat that time, but my "I'm scared to even admit this out loud" goal is to break 2 hours. That's dropping 27 minutes from my last race (granted I was feverish and coughing most of the time) so it's a pretty ambitious goal. But I think that if I do my training right, it's not completely unrealistic. 

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