Friday, November 9, 2012

Running in the Rain

Yesterday - 40 minute run. I was planning 4 miles, but forgot to take my route with me (yeah, I write it on a post it) so I just wandered around hoping I was getting some mileage. (I'm asking Santa for a Garmin watch for Christmas)
On my desk this morning... right where I left it
For some reason I always associate rain with it being cold. So I pulled out my full length compression pants and a long sleeve shirt. Right away it just felt weird though. My legs didn't like being constricted and as soon as I warmed up everything just felt tight.  I think from now on I'll just wear compression socks and shorts...

After my run I showered and got cleaned up to head out to my friend's wedding rehearsal.  I'm coordinating her wedding ceremony on Saturday so that means I got to boss everyone around (score!)  She made my job super easy because she is like, the lowest maintenance bride ever. I was not a low maintenance bride on the other hand... I think back now and cringe a bit. We had a huge wedding (400 guests!) and I made my mom and aunt re-cut all of my party favor "thank you" tags because they didn't leave enough margin! I'm surprised they still like me...

My workout this morning was teaching a cycle class at the gym. I am so proud of my students who faithfully come even when it's cold and dreary outside.  I know that half the time I wouldn't show up if I didn't have to teach. We did mostly interval stuff with a lot of standing climbs.  Good for ya glutes!

What type of bottoms do you prefer to run in?

I used to only wear capris but when it was so hot during the summer I switched to shorts and now I don't think I can go back...

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