Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Work it Out (11/26 to 12/2)

Happy Cyber Monday! Anybody find any great deals yet? I've only looked a little bit, but so far, I'm not impressed...

It's time for Weekly Work It Out! It's pretty similar to last week.
Mon 11/26
Run 4 miles
Tues 11/27
Speed workout
Wed 11/28
a.m. Cycle Class & p.m. Bootcamp Class
Thurs 11/29
Fri 11/30
a.m. Cycle Class  & p.m. Electric Run 5K!
Sat 12/1
Run 8 miles
Sun 12/2
Run 4 miles easy
My plan for last Tuesday was a track workout, but when I got to the high school there was a soccer game happening and I didn't think I was allowed to run.  I was tempted to just go home and call it a night (it was already dark so I didn't want to run alone outside) but I knew I had to stick to my plan so I headed to the gym for a treadmill run.  I really try to avoid the treadmill as much as possible because it. is. so. boring. But, my speed workout actually wasn't too bad since I was changing things up so much.  I did find that my 400 meter times were slower compared to when I'm on the track. I think it's because when I start to crank up the speed on treadmills, I get nervous that I'm going to trip and face plant and generally die of embarrassment, so I think I stayed too moderate.  If I have to use the treadmill again this week, I'll try to be braver. I'm also listing Thursday as a rest day because I may have to drive out to Costa Mesa to pick up my race bib for Friday's run. (Anyone live in the OC feel like picking it up for me and saving me a two hour drive?) If I do end up driving out there, I'll leave right after work to avoid some of the traffic, so I'm not sure when I'd be able to run.  And since I have a race the next day, a taper wouldn't be a bad idea I suppose (this is just a 5K, it's not timed, and I'm run/walking with friends so "tapering" for it is kind of a joke.) So we'll see, I may run Thursday morning before work and do Sunday as my rest day.

 One of the great things about planning my workouts for the week in advance is not feeling guilty about a rest day.  Since I had already accomplished more than I planned on doing, by the time I got to Sunday and had already worked out 8 times in the last 6 days - I knew that resting was the BEST thing I could be doing.

Something else I learned about being disciplined about my work outs is that I don't have enough clothes! By Saturday's run I was down to random pieces and tragic color combinations. I should have taken a picture, it was pretty bad.  Especially when I found that lost dog at the end and was a sweaty hot mess trying to explain the situation the nearby pet store to see if they knew anything about him.  Oh well, Christmas is coming and I've got plenty of stuff on my Amazon wish list. (yes that may or may not be an actual link to my actual wish list, you know, just in case you wanted to peruse...)

Do you try to match your workout clothes? Or just throw on any ol' thing?

I typically try to at least not clash or be too "loud" I also try to avoid all black 'cuz that just seems a little morbid.

PS: Do you follow me on Pinterest? You should - I vicariously own/bake/create some preeeetty sweet stuff...

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