Thursday, December 13, 2012

25 Days of Blogging: December 12 & 13

12. Wrapping paper or gift bags?

Oh my goodness I cannot even BEGIN to express much I'm a wrapping paper type of gal. I LOVE wrapping paper.  I feel like using a gift bag is cheating. The only time a gift bag is acceptable is if you've already wrapped the gift in paper and want to put it an a bag as an additional layer.  I don't care if it's a funky shape - figure out how to wrap it! It's so so so much prettier. 
Check out my wrapping Pinterest board here
Here's some photos of things I've wrapped 'cuz I take pictures of it because i love it so much:
These are various Christmas and birthday gifts.

Have I made my point?

Ok, moving on...

13. My favorite Christmas book is probably "Mortimer's Christmas Manger."It's this story about a little mouse that needs a place to sleep and finds a perfect little warm spot in the hay next to tiny smiling people, just his size.  The only problem is there's this little toy baby right where he wants to sleep. So Mortimer keeps moving the baby out of the way so he can sleep in the Nativity set.  I can't remember right now how it ends, I think he learns the true Christmas story and stuff, and decides that he can share with baby Jesus haha. 
It always reminds me of the year my brother and I stole every baby Jesus from all of the nativity sets around the house and hid them in random places (think the freezer, the medicine, cabinet, etc.) We thought we were hilarious... my mom wasn't so convinced.

Do you prefer wrapping paper or bags?
What's you're favorite Christmas book?

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