Tuesday, December 11, 2012

25 Days of Blogging: December 7th-11th

7. Most memorable Christmas

I hate picking a "most" or "best" so here are a few:
*Getting that castle I mentioned before
*Being in Big Bear as a kid and it snowed
*Last year sitting in Urgent Care on Christmas Eve with a bladder infection
*3 years ago when we left for Hawaii early on the morning after Christmas
*The year my cousin got a kitten and I was super jealous
*Two years ago when I wrapped all of Donny's Christmas presents at 2 am on Christmas morning because I ran out of time to do it earlier

8. Post a picture of Christmas Decor:
 This is from our church's high school Christmas party this weekend.  I was in charge of decorations and if you can't tell, it was Hawaiian themed! One of the girls I disciple texted me the day of, "Is it regular Hawaiian Christmas or cheesy Hawaiian Christmas?" I thought that was a hilarious question and texted back, "is there a difference?" I'll let you be the judge of that.

9. Easiest person to buy for is by far, my husband.  He never buys anything for himself but all year long adds to his Amazon Wishlist with CDs & DVDs he wants. It's great because they're cheap and I know it's exactly what he wants.  I tend to go a little overboard on his gifts but I figure, hey, I buy myself stuff all year long, so it's only fair I buy him stuff once or twice too. (I really hope he doesn't read this post - I don't want him to know I buy stuff for myself all the time...)

10. Favorite holiday scent is cinnamon! I love buying and decorating with those scented pinecones mmmm...

11. My favorite Christmas tradition is one I haven't actually started yet but I'm excited to make happen.

Both Donny and I are really blessed to live close to both of our families.  Which means that during the holidays we can feasibly do both families on the same day - sometimes more than once. So this year I want to host and make people come to me for once, so I'm hosting a Christmas day brunch with both sides of the family together.

And I know you didn't ask for it, but here's our crazy schedule:
Christmas Eve:
5-6 PM - church
7-10 PM - Donny's brother's house in Valencia
11 PM - 2 AM - Gabby's dad's family at parents in San Gabriel (this is the Mexican side of the family that opens presents at midnight)

Christmas Day:
8 AM - Donny & Gabby open presents ALONE together at home
10 AM - 12 PM - Family brunch at our place
12 PM - 4 PM - Donny's parents house in San Gabriel
4 PM - 9 PM - Gabby's parents house in San Gabriel

It sounds crazy but it's fun and I love seeing everyone throughout the day.

As always - feel free to post your answers to these questions in the comments!
*Most memorable Christmas
*Post a picture of Christmas decor
*Easiest person to buy for
*Favorite holiday scet
*Favorite Christmas tradition


  1. you make it seem like it's a secret that you buy yourself stuff all year long... : )

    1. i don't know why that came up as anonymous. it was donny!