Sunday, December 16, 2012

A perfectly lovely run

I did it! I finally ran! And I felt great!

Valeria recommended that I start back on a rubber track so I went to a local park that has about a 1/2 mile loop.  I felt my shins a little bit, but I wouldn't say that they hurt, if that makes sense.

It was also nice to run in a park where I didn't have to think about where I was going or worry about cars.

Most of the people out walking/doing Tai Chi were older and bundled up as if we were facing sub zero temperatures. I live in the San Gabriel Valley which is predominately an Asian community that we fondly call the "(626)".  I was by far the youngest and least dressed person out there in my capris, t shirt and gloves. One older gentleman asked if I was cold as I ran passed him and chuckled at my confident, "nope!" and another older man, after we'd passed several times, said "good job, keep going!" it was very sweet.

So pretty much running in the park is my new thing.  I've just got to start finding other places with rubber tracks so I don't get bored.

After my run yesterday I went out to breakfast with my parents and aunt.  As I've said before, breakfast out is "one of my things" and I would probably rank it somewhere in the top 10 of my all-time favorite things ever.

We tried a new place (to us) called Rod's in Arcadia.  And I really liked it!
They had vintage-y mint colored booths and a lot of your old time diner features (like that waitress light tower behind me). All the old photos on the walls are of Arcadia way back in the day.

I had a delicious international omelet and the waiter never let my coffee cup get empty so that was enough to make this girl want to just move in right then.
You can't see it in the picture above, but there was also a .25 cent mustache dispenser and I just couldn't resist. Here's me and my dad looking as handsome as all get out
We were close to the mall and I had to talk my parents into buying me more Christmas gifts pick up a couple more things, so it ended up being an event-filled morning.

And when I got home, this happened
Yes, those are all for me. And no, I'm not spoiled, I'm just loved.

All in all, a great Saturday.

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