Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012 in Photos

It's been pretty quiet here over at Gabby Rose Runs... it's been a busy season!

You'd be bored out of your mind if I tried to detail the last week and half so here are some photos for your enjoyment... (don't expect too much though...)

a giant stack of Christmas goodies delivered to work!

A healthy Christmas gift for the students in my cycling class

a fabulous home for a Christmas party!

Like seriously - check out the bling in this guest bathroom!
Family photos for my mom's Christmas gift

My brother's Christmas cash (I hate just giving people plain money so I hollowed out walnuts, stuffed the money in, glue gunned it closed, and spray painted it gold of course!

Christmas morning cinnamon rolls

North Pole Cup Cakes!

An appetizer wreath

it's a Christmas kitty

The loot!

Running gear! A Skinny Runner shirt, a Team Sparkle skirt (for my Tink Half costume!) and Pro Compression socks!

Bobby loves Christmas
The view of the Griffith Observatory from where we had to park.  It was a good 15 minute walk!
Whew! And that's not the half of it! Hope ya'll are having a great Christmas season too!

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