Sunday, December 2, 2012

Date with Dad

Last night my dad took me and Donny on a date! We mentioned yesterday morning that we were thinking about going to see Lincoln and my mom said, "oh take your dad! He hasn't seen it yet!" So he picked us up, paid for the movie, got us a huge popcorn and took us to get frozen yogurt after! It was a great date with my husband and dad!

The movie was really good.  I know I'm a little late to the party because it came out a few weeks ago, but in case you haven't seen Lincoln yet, I'd recommend it.  Even though I knew how it had to end, there was still that part of me hoping that he didn't have to get assassinated... (he did - sorry if I spoiled something).

After the movie my dad took us to get frozen yogurt. It's been awhile since I went actually and so I was stoked to see holiday flavors! I had Egg Nog and Mud Pie and it was uh-mazing! They also had chocolate covered strawberries in the toppings section so that brought me great joy.
showing off my yogurt and Babooshka scarf 'cuz of the rain
This morning I made my favorite fast and easy "scrambled" eggs.  I put scrambled in quotes, because I actually don't cook them over the stove - I microwave them! (I know that probably sounds gross to you real chefs out there - but if you're pressed for time and low-maintenance, you should really give it a shot)

I just spray a pyrex dish with a little olive oil Pam and do 3 + 1 eggs as Bob Harper would call it (3 whites and 1 yolk).  I mixed in some ortega chilies and tomatoes and then microwaved it for 2 minutes, stirring partway through.  

But here's the really tasty part.  When they're done, I mix in a teaspoon of whipped cream cheese.  

This meal is great because it's packed with protein but low in fat and calories.  The eggs come out to about 100 calories, and a teaspoon of whipped cream cheese is about 30 calories. 

You can mix in any vegetables.  I sometimes do bell peppers or spinach too. 

Now I'm off to my little brother's birthday lunch and then hopefully I'll get to Target after.  Happy Sunday!

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