Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Slimdown Challenge (whoops!)

So I totally missed the Holiday Slimdown Challenge weigh-in last week and I wasn't even excited about it this week. I think I've started more challenges than I can keep up with...

Oh well, here's today's and surprise, surprise - no change!
I should be glad I'm not gaining... except for that first week.  I think that 151 was residual from being sick... maybe it just hits me later? Maybe even though I'm eating a ton of junk I'm not gaining weight right now but then next month, I'll balloon up? I guess only time will tell.... isn't that a happy thought?

But seriously - I have eaten HORRIBLY this week.  When I talked about snacks in my office around Christmas - I forgot how bad and hard it really is.  I have so little self control. And the problem is - so much of it is the good stuff. Here is what I've eaten today (you'll probably be amazed I don't weigh 300 pounds)

pancake (w/ butter and syrup)
slice and a half of chili relleno casserole
2 pieces of this Asian pound cake
half a bag of yogurt pretzel
1 chocolate dipped pretzel rod
several handfuls of peppermint popcorn
about 5 cherry jelly bean things? (I don't know where those even came from??)
and that was all before lunch...
for lunch I had:
the sandwich I packed
soup & salad that was brought to the office
2 cutie tangerines
half of one those small-ish loaves of banana bread
and I'm sure a few other things I'm forgetting...

How absurd is that list???? It is completely out of control!! 

What's even more ridiculous though is that I feel really sick right now from all the sugar I've ingested. So it's not even like I can say it was worth it.

But alas - every moment is a chance to do better - so that's what I will do the rest of today and tomorrow and so on.

At least I got a workout in this morning and I'm teaching bootcamp again tonight. My shins are feeling much better so I'll try to do a lot with the class to burn some extra calories.

I really try not view working out as a means to eat, and I don't want to ever feel like I have to punish myself for eating by working out.  But at the same time, I can know that I didn't achieve my weight loss goals today - but at least I can maintain my fitness goals.

How are you doing with the challenge? Any success stories out there that can encourage the rest of us?

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