Friday, December 7, 2012

Just one of those days

You know those days where you're running late and every outfit you try on makes you look fat and frumpy and then you finally find an outfit you don't hate and then spill raw egg whites all over yourself (sweater, shirt, pants, shoes - everything)?

Yeah, I've been having one of those days.

I've been running late, getting bad news, and making typos at work that mean 270 Church bulletins have the wrong chapter reference on them.

Ba humbug!

Today wasn't allll bad though...

I did get to eat a Korean pear that was as big as my head
And I got to decorate this tiny tree with even teeny-tiny-er ornaments

And I saw this on the scale this morning:
Reenactment from Google image search & minor editing - I don't typically bring my camera to the bathroom...
Turns out the battery was just dying - but for a second I got to believe my scale was telling me my weight was Lo and it was a good second.

Speaking of weighing in, I'm 2 days late for my Holiday Slimdown Challenge weigh-in so now is the time!

Surprise, surprise - no change from last week. But hey, at least I didn't gain 2 like last time!

I've got a full evening ahead of me with a Christmas boutique at church and a show in LA after - Lakes and the Honey Trees. Go check them out. (The link to Lakes is my favorite song and the link for Honey Trees is a super sweet video).

Lakes actually played at our wedding and having a band playing music we actually liked was one our best memories from the day. 

How do you turn a bad day around? Do you even bother trying?

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