Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Le Premier Noel

I think I might have the start of shin splints.  And by start, I mean, - I think I have shin splints.

I've been icing and rolling/massaging but they're still soooo tender.

Some of the moves in bootcamp tonight were pretty tough.

Here's the workout I put together for today's class:

The jumping stuff hurt specifically.

I know my shins are hurting because I've upped my mileage recently but I really don't want to take any time off of training so I'm going to just keep icing and stretching and hoping for the best.

Tonight after class I ran into the grocery store to get snacks for youth group at church. It's my job to find people to volunteer, which really just ends up meaning I get snacks since I always forget to ask people (whoops). Chocolate milk and Cutie tangerines were calling my name and surprisingly the kids loved it.  I get really happy when kids elect to eat fruit.

I saw one of the ladies from my bootcamp class buying pie and I could tell she was embarrassed that I saw her. Haha! I was like, "oh honey, if you only knew what I eat/buy!" 

Yesterday I mentioned that we had a 2nd free evening in a row (woohoo!) so I ended up doing some more crafting.  Here's that "Le Premier Noel" canvas I made.
It's not my favorite thing I've ever done.  I think it looks a little childish.  But oh well, I'll leave it up this Christmas and see how I feel about using it next year.

I also worked on the Christmas gift I'm giving to the office staff at work.  Traditionally we all give each other something little, and since Lord knows I can't bake (which is what a lot of people do), I have to get creative in other ways.  I took photos but don't want to show them yet since I haven't given them their gifts and some of my co-workers read this blog (thanks ladies!) I promise I'll show you the photos soon. (I'm really excited to show you because they are really cute).

Any ideas for gifts for men at work though? I only ever think in terms of the 12 ladies I work with and tend to neglect the 6 men...  The men don't seem to care or notice as much so I don't plan on doing anything elaborate. But I'd like something cheap reasonable but also thoughtful-ish... any ideas?  I was thinking something to do with a Trader Joe's chocolate bar, or something...

Have a great night!


  1. Here you go Gabby!
    Nice blog.