Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Electric Run

I just finished my first 5K and it was an interesting experience.  It was really weird going into a race and not be thinking about fueling strategies or be dwelling on how horrible I was about to feel.  It was kind of nice to know, "hey I'm going to do this run, and still be able to walk afterward" and stuff.
The race was held at the Orange County Fair Grounds at 7 PM on Friday night.  Coming for Pasadena meant a decent amount of traffic for us, but we took a route with like, 7 freeways, so somehow we got there in about an hour and twenty minutes. Which then gave me and Donny plenty of time to stand around doing nothing while we waited for our friends to show up.
 This was the first time they held the event in the OC and there are still a few kinks to work out.  We received an email last week saying we had to pick up our bibs and packets on either Wednesday or Thursday night.  Well that's all fine and dandy if you live in the OC, but for people like me that was a huge hassle.  They said that if you wanted to pick up your stuff on Friday, it would cost $5 bucks.  Since there were 4 of us running, I just didn't want us to pay $20 total to get them Friday. Plus we got another email saying, "sorry, parking is actually $10, not the $5 we originally told you. So I started to get annoyed that we'd have 3 cars, so another $30 on top that - so we just bit the bullet and drove down to the Road Runner Sports in Costa Mesa Thursday night.  
Well apparently others, like myself, were unhappy and complained on the Electric Run's Facebook that we had to get the packets early or be charged and they responded by saying they were only charging people who signed up after November 15! (We signed up before that) But we weren't told that in the email so that's kind of frustrating...

The race started about 20 minutes late which wasn't surprising since people had to get there after work on a Friday night.  The corral was huge with no assignments or anything.  I think we started running around 8 PM and were in wave 6 - so some people were already done when we started, but others still hadn't started yet when we finished.  I'm guessing there was about 8,000 people there?
 The course was pretty cool. We zig zagged a lot so they could take advantage of the same speaker system.  But there were lots of light displays and stuff like that.  We decked ourselves out in tons of "glow wear" so it was fun just watching all the runners walkers.

The race is billed as "not a race, so much as an experience" but it is called The Electric Run so I still planned on running the whole time (believe it or not some of you mean walkers - I can experience plenty while running, thank you). But it was really congested with the majority of people walking so we spent the whole race dodging walkers and saying sorry.
I'm trying to get show my socks under the black light

It had rained most of the day and there were definitely some slippery spots that weren't lit.  And probably the biggest downer was running the last stretch through a hangar or some type of hall, I'm not quite sure, that was tiled so incredibly slippery.  There was no sprint to the finish in this race.
Donny didn't actually run because he has a thing against paying to run.  If you want to sign up for his marathon though, he says it's only $5
From my watch (the actual "start" and "finish" weren't clearly marked) we did it in 27 minutes with about a 45 second stop for a group photo partway through, so that's actually better than I anticipated since we weren't really seriously running.

All in all it was a lot of fun though.  Mostly because I was with fun people.

I might do it again if other people were excited about doing it, but I might be more likely to find a new "experience run."

I had an 8 mile run on the docket for this morning but I'm not sure what happened.  I think it was a combination of a late night, Aunt Flo coming to visit any day now, and being a little dehydrated but I hit the wall HARD around mile 6 of the run.  The route I created had me stopping at my gym to get water, and do 2 quick miles on the treadmill. But, there was a line of people waiting, so stopping for 10 minutes and then pushing myself too hard on the treadmill to try to make up for lost time, made the second half of the run feel miserable.  I actually ended up cutting out the last mile because I was passing near my street and I wasn't feeling good.

I went to brunch with my parents after and got back to their house and fell asleep hard for a good hour.

Well I actually stopped at the .99 Cent store first and got some of these bad boys:
It's a tamarindo mini tamale!
I think we're going to go see Lincoln tonight and I really need to get some stuff done but I just feel so drained for some reason...

Any suggestions for fun runs to mix into my serious boring running routine? (don't suggest the Color Run).

I'm thinking about doing a Mud Run or Tough Mudder or something like that...


  1. Ideas for Fun Runs:
    "Micky D" Run - run from one McDonald's to another, eating only ONE item each time from their menu (not healthy but definitely FUN!)

    Christmas Carol Run - Make a route of 5-10 friends' houses; stop and sing a cheery song at each house.

    Elf Run - dress up live elves and run; give out candy canes to people you pass along the route; end at someone's house and watch the movie "Elf."

  2. Do a mud run! And let me know when you go..I'm totally in! (Sorry, I think I just invited myself to a mud run you haven't even signed up for haha) I'm thinking about Tough Mudder or the Spartan Run and I know there are a few coming up in CA. I've heard both are intense and pretty much everyone thinks I'm absolutely insane when I tell them I want to do it.

    I've heard the Zombie runs are pretty fun too. My trainer was telling me that he has done quite a few and absolutely loves them.

    1. Lizzie you're totally in! The more the merrier! I just looked up Tough Mudder and they're 10 miles! I'm going to see if we can start with something a little more moderate... haha

    2. 10 miles plus obstacles! That is intense...I'll be sure to keep my eye out for something a little calmer...then work up to the Tough Mudder :)