Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekly Work It Out (12/3 to 12/9)

Last week was a bit disappointing.  I missed 2 of my scheduled runs, and cut my long run short. No treat for me.

I actually shouldn't have scheduled 4 training runs last week since I was doing that 5K race as well, so really I only missed 1 training run... but miss it I did it, so I still didn't reach my goals for the week.

This week's plan is a little more realistic and I'm going to try 8 miles again before I bump up my mileage. (I'm also going to take water and gels and not kill myself in the first half - live and learn)
Mon 12/3
Run 4 miles
Tues 12/4
Speed workout
Wed 12/5
a.m. Cycle Class & p.m. Bootcamp Class
Thurs 12/6
Run 4 miles
Fri 12/7
a.m. Cycle Class  
Sat 12/8
Run 8 miles (for reals this time)
Sun 12/9
I am finding that scheduling my work outs for the week has been really helpful and makes me more committed to getting them done more guilty when I don't get them done.

I'm also trying to do some extra little strength things here and there when I'm at home.  A few push ups after I foam roll, some bicep curls with dumbbells right before bed, and stuff like that. 

And just for fun: here's a photo of my lunch and my husband's lunch.  Can you tell whose is whose?
homemade chicken vegetable soup with brown rice or "Banquet" frozen fish sticks
I know I probably shouldn't let him eat such junk, but it's easy and he loves it and well, he's an adult and can decide for himself what he's going to eat.

And yeah, we work together and get to eat lunch together every day, it's a pretty sweet set up.

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