Tuesday, December 4, 2012

West Wing Relaxing

So far, so good, with this week's installment of Weekly Work it Out.  Donny ran with me yesterday and it's amazing how much faster the time passes when he's there.  We did our typical 4 mile loop at a moderate pace and it was very pleasant.

After that, we had a really relaxing evening at home which was much needed. We realized we hadn't been home together for any extended amount of time since the previous Monday.  I made frozen Trader Joe's dinner (chicken pot stickers and an eggplant/zucchini medley) and then we basically laid around watching West Wing.
Remember that TV show that started in '99 about the president and his staff? - we just started watching the DVDs about a month ago and we're loving it! Better late than never, right?
I also stretched and foam rolled for over an hour which felt so good.

We also don't have anything planned for tonight which is kind of unbelievable. 

I'll do my track workout and then who knows what! The options are limitless! I might work on another Christmas craft, or start our Christmas cards, or start wrapping gifts, or maybe go get some more shopping done... I really don't know but I know I'm looking forward to it.

Here's the inspiration for my newest Christmas decorating craft, from Pinterest, of course.  So if you can picture it: I'm going to do those words and design but in gold on a big white canvas. So kind of using the idea of the reindeer glitter silhouette but bigger and with writing... make sense? We'll see how it ends up...

How are you doing with Christmas stuff? Do you have all your shopping done? Is your house decorated and tree put up yet?

We are getting our tree on Saturday and I'm actually kind of bummed to wait even that long...

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