Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ice Baths and Fur Scarves

Gash, I'm such a bad blogger....

Training has been going decently well now that I'm passed that little shin-splint debacle.

My latest "thing" is taking ice baths. Everyone know that icing is good for your muscles, but I feel like I have so much to ice after a long run, that I decided to "take the plunge" (yes, pun most definitely intended) and just soak my whole lower body in ice.  Here are a few things I'm learning that have helped make it more bearable.

I usually exercise in the morning. So when I get back from my run, I start my coffee and breakfast as I stretch and drink water. Once my coffee and breakfast are hot and ready to go, I get in the tub, and then I start filling it with cold water.  That makes it a little more gradual and less shocking.

Once it's pretty full, then I have Donny dump the ice in. This again is a gradual transition as the water temperature drops.  I've been using several ice packs in addition to the actual ice because we don't have an ice maker in our freezer so that would take a lot of ice trays, and then it's easy to just re-use them.

I try to do things to keep myself warm/distracted.  I always drink coffee and usually eat breakfast while I'm doing it.  The other day, I talked on the phone to a friend while I drank my coffee and soaked and I barely remembered how uncomfortable it was.

Another way to keep your internal body temperature up is to leave your shirt on. You could even wear a beanie or something to keep heat in.

I really think it's helping.  It also feels AMAZING to take a warm shower right away. My muscles get all tingly in a good way.


On Monday, hubs and I ran 9 miles and I felt GOOD.  Later today we're planning on doing 12.  I know that most training plans say to never increase your mileage by more than 10% at a time (doing 12 from 9 is like 30% or something...) But I've done the distance before, I felt really good with 9, and my race is in 2 weeks and I'd rather do my last long run now and taper for two weeks then try to do it next weekend and then get hurt or something.

So, I'll let ya know if I'm able to walk tomorrow.

We were both busy this morning so we have to do an afternoon run.  Typically, my best runs are in the morning so I'm a little nervous about running later in the day once I'm already starting to get tired and have a combination of foods in my stomach...

This morning I went to breakfast with my grandparents for my grandpa's 78th birthday.  My grandpa is such a stud.  He's 78 and still works pretty much full time as a high school teacher... but that's his "retired" job.  He spent most of his working life as a scientist. For awhile was the United States' leading expert on citrus. Cool, right?  So when he retired from his actual "go to work as a scientist" job, he started teaching high school science and math.  For his 70th birthday he went sky diving in Hawaii. And just a couple years ago when he was out hiking with some high school students and had to get rescue air-lifted after spending the night in the woods, he just chuckled and said, "it was a good experience for those kids."

They live in the Lancaster area so we met them halfway in Santa Clarita.  There's an awesome breakfast place I learned about when I went to college in the area called "Eggplantation." They have 101 different omelets and great coffee.  I shared #74 with my mom. It had avacado, bacon, jack cheese and green onion.  It was all good except for the onion.  For some reason I read green onion and thought, "green chili" like ortega chilis, so I was a little disappointed.  But it was still delish.

After breakfast I headed to the mall to return a dress to Forever 21 that I was going to wear on Christmas Eve but then decided it was too short.  I'm really annoyed with dresses these days just being a smidge too short. If they could just add 2 more inches of fabric I would have so many more options...

I ended up getting a fur scarf and new sunglasses all because of this photo, I just find it so, stunning.

Source: Wishbone.  She's got a great fashion blog - check it out!
I also recently got red lipstick and the first time my mom saw me wearing it, she asked, "oh, is that a thing?" HA! oh well.  I think I'll try to mimic the outfit tomorrow and if it works, I'll let ya'll see a photo.

Man, it's either feast or famine around here.  Sorry for the long post!

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  1. Hi cousin! I like reading your blogs :) I hope your new scarf isn't real fur (I just had to say it). And, yes, the short dresses are made to be short on shorter girls. As a taller girl, I find they are extra short and become more like a long shirt instead of a dress, pretty annoying.