Monday, January 14, 2013

Just got to get through a few more days

I've got three goals this week:
*Get tons of sleep
*Eat tons of fruit/veggies
*Stretch/foam roll nightly

....ok those really should be my goals every week. But it's this week especially since it's only 6 days until the Tinker Bell Half!
last year's bib
I am getting soooo excited! I love racing! I love the adrenaline and the planning and the cheering and even, how much it hurts!

I swam all four years of high school and I loved it. I loved that although you were a team, trying to get points for your team, it was mostly an individual competition.  I know a lot of people disagree with this and way prefer the team aspect of sports - but I really liked that I was the only one responsible for my victory.  I loved that if I put in the effort during practice and gave it my all on race day - I could win.  My two main events were the 100 butterfly and 500 free.  Those were two of the most grueling events for the high school level but I loved that feeling of utter exhaustion combined with elation when you touch the wall and win. (to be fair - my league wasn't all that competitive, so winning didn't really mean all that much on a larger scale.)

So even now with running, even though "winning" is like, outside of the realm of the possible, competing against myself and racing against the clock just gets me super pumped.

My costume is all ready, I called the hotel today to confirm my reservation and that they'd be offering continental breakfast at 4 a.m., and now I've just got to get through the rest of this week!

I feel ready.

My first half mary was terrifying because it was my first and I had no idea what to expect. My second half was scary because I was sick and hadn't run more than 9 miles since my last race. But for this one, everything seems to be lining up well and for once I actually feel ready. I know my body can do it. It's a pretty sweet feeling...

Did I mention I signed up for the Mermaid Series 10k on Feb 9? I'm glad that I have another race so soon after Tinker Bell to avoid the post-race blues.

They released the Mermaid shirt and charm design last week. Aren't they the cutest?
It's not too late to sign up either! There's a 5k, 10k and half. Plus, if you register at Race Grader you get 10% off! Plus, it's all ladies. Plus, it's a Saturday (for those who prefer to not miss church). Plus, it's really affordable as far as races go. Basically, you should just run it.  My mom is even doing the 5k. It's her first race ever and I am SO proud of her!

Alright, off to prep dinner!

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