Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend Recap

The Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend is over and I had a GREAT time! The race was so fun, so well run, a great course, and just plain awesome.

(I meant to post this sooner but then ended up getting the flu and have been out of commission all week)

I was an excited little nutcase waiting for it to finally come. I packed my costume a week early and painted my nails all pink and purple sparkly to match!

Donny had a rehearsal until noon, so we left our area around 12:30 on Saturday afternoon to head down to the expo at the Disneyland Hotel.  I tend to get a little overly excited before a race, and overwhelmed by all the running stuff so Donny was really helpful at getting me to walk through each methodically.
 We got to meet Jeff Galloway who was an Olympic running coach and who now works with Run Disney.  He's a big proponent of the run-walk method and has been running injury free for the last 30 years because of it!

We sat and listened to his keynote presentation.  Donny was more interested in this dog in a purse...
The packet pick up was really fast and easy and the expo was huge! I was a little disappointed with the lack of freebies though... I like collecting gu packets and energy bars at expos, but they were mostly just handing out samples to eat right then. 

After the expo we checked in at our hotel and relaxed until dinner.  We met up with my friend Danielle who was also running and we had dinner at La Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney.  It was a long wait for the restaurant so we just ate the "express." I was already losing my appetite from nerves, but I still managed to eat most of this huge Greek salad and a muffin (and a pretzel in Disneyland later).

Our timing was really good because an OC band Donny and I are particularly fond of (Suburban Legends) was playing in Disneyland on Saturday night so we said goodbye to Danielle and headed into the park to catch a couple sets.
They're really fun and are great at crowd involvement.

The race started at 5 a.m. so I wanted to get to bed early so we left Disneyland around 8:30 p.m.

I forgot to mention that I started to feel a sore throat while we were walking around the expo so when I got up at 3:45 a.m. I was really feeling scratchy.  I tried not to worry about it too much... but that definitely hung over my head most of the race.

Now here's a ton of pictures of the race that are mostly self explanatory (A big thanks to my on course photographer - the amazing Donny Hoover!)
Me and Danielle pre-race
Donny's good friend Chad who helped pace me for most of the race

So the race was super fun! But here's the part where I have to fess up on my time.  I was gunning for a PR (Sub 2:15) but ended up at a 2:22.  I started out too conservatively and just couldn't make up the time in the second half of the race.  I'm really grateful for Chad pacing me, because otherwise I would have been much slower. 

Since the race that sore throat has turned into a full fledged flu, so I could try to blame it on that (but really I felt fine). I think I just didn't have enough miles under my feet from training.  With the shin splint problem in November/December, I just didn't have time to train thoroughly enough.

But oh, well.  It was hecka fun and I'm still proud of myself. I recovered quickly and did a good 4 mile run on Tuesday before I realized how sick I actually was.

So all that to say,  in my post-race euphoria I switched from the 10k to the half for the Mermaid Race on February 9th.  I just really want to take another stab at the half and hope that if I start a little harder I can maybe maintain that pace...

After the race we had lunch at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney (OMgosh sooo good!) and then Chad treated us to beignets from the Jazz Kitchen (again sooooo good!).

We walked around Disneyland for most of the afternoon and I was tired but feeling good.

We even waited in a half hour line so I could tell Tangled that I had dressed up as her for the race!
even more starstruck than I was with Jeff

And then I made Donny take a picture with all these ducks
 I'm anxious to get over this bug to get a couple speed sessions in before my race in 2 weeks. I'll keep ya'll posted!

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  1. Awesome recap, and I too would have been starstruck to meet Jeff Galloway. This inspires me to get out and run this AM!