Friday, February 15, 2013

Jury Duty & I'm a Mermaid

I'm going for a new record of not posting on my blog!!

It has been a CRAZY couple of weeks. That flu/cold thing came back and I had jury duty all last week and then I spent most of this week just trying to catch up and catch my breath.

So let's begin...

I got called in for Jury Duty on Thursday, January 31.  I was the first group of the morning to be selected for a panel and by 3 PM I was officially part of the jury.  Apparently I'm too "vanilla" as my friend Valeria would say, which really just means I'm slightly less crazy than all the other crazies that were in the room.

I actually didn't mind too much because I've never been on a jury and wanted to experience our "justice system in action" but it was a really rough case. I won't go into a lot of detail because this is is a pretty rotten subject, but the guy was on trial for 6 felony counts of sexually abusing his daughter and ex-girlfriend's daughter when they were very young.  So yeah, it just sucked all around.

I kept thinking about all the movies and TV shows I've seen that involve trials. The two that came up most are Legally Blonde and 12 Angry Men (a random combination, I know).
Source: The Criteron Collection

We reached a verdict on Friday the 8th (we found him guilty of 4 of the counts) so all last week was really, really, really rough. I don't get paid for jury duty, so I would go into work early, then take the train to downtown to sit for hours listening to things no one ever wants to hear, and then most days, I'd go back to work for a little bit, before finally going home.

So I was too drained to even think about blogging.

But then things started to look up...

My mom and two friends picked me up from the courthouse on Friday (yay - one less ride on the train smelling pee and trying not to touch anything!) and we headed down to San Diego for the Mermaid 5k/10k and half marathon!
We surprisingly didn't hit much traffic and got to the packet pick up without any problems.

This was my 4th race but first "small" race.  I've done Disney twice and Rock 'n' Roll once, so I was really looking forward to a new type of racing experience. It was just what I needed after a very stressful week.

Packet pick up had close parking, no lines, snacks, and we were in and out in less than 20 minutes.

It was pretty hilarious when we got to our hotel though because Travelocity said our room had 3 king beds when in fact it was one king bed and a bunk bed. But Christy's husband got on it right away and we were moved to a new room when we got back from dinner.

Because my week had been so stressful I was totally giving myself clearance to just take it easy on the race and not stress over my time. So, for the first time ever, I actually had an appetite for the carb loading meal the night before, actually slept really well, actually had an appetite for breakfast, and I didn't even freak out too much when I was still sitting on the porto-pottie when I heard the announcer say "go!!" for my race.

And would you believe it.... I PR'D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My official time is a 2:14:46!!! (That's only about 30 seconds faster than my previous PR, but I'll take it!)

Everything just worked out really well and was totally the grace of God. It was about mile 8.5 when I realized, "hey my time is actually pretty decent...maybe I can do this!" So I just started praying, "God, can we do this?" over and over again as I worked on maintaining my speed and staying focused.

the finish chute on grass. I totally had soccer flashbacks thinking I was running for a ball
The weather was gorgeous after having rained the whole day before, I didn't chafe, I didn't feel any shin or knee pain, no stomach issues - nothing! It was just a great day for a race. Plus, since I'd never done a small race before, I didn't even know how nice it was to actually have space! I didn't have to worry about a corral or weaving in and out of people.

Basically, I'm just in love with the Mermaid Race Series.  My friends Valeria and Christy both PR'd in their 10k (even though Valeria was wearing cheap 10 PM-Target-run shoes 'cuz she accidentally forgot her real one's at home haha!) and my mom ran her first race ever so she got a personal record as well!
Isn't my mom so cute in her Mermaid Athlete tee? (yeah another plus of the race -an awesome shirt!)
The after race refreshments were abundant (you know it's a good sign when they give you a plate to put everything on) and it was really nice just hanging out on the grass in the park after the race.

I definitely plan on doing this one again in the future and highly recommend it to all you ladies who are looking for a low-key, girly, fun, affordable, race experience.

We requested late check out so after stretching and cooling down, we went to the jacuzzi for awhile before showering and heading to our celebratory PR meal.

We went to a breakfast/lunch place that Valeria and Christy knew of called The Mission. OMGOSH - it was amazing! As some of you know, I somewhat of a breakfast restaurant afficionado and was very excited about our meal. It's got tons of great reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor and I'm already planning on taking Donny back.

My mom and I shared a breakfast quesadilla with egg and "naked" pancakes, 'cuz she's boring but they're known for their crazy flavored options.  I tasted Valerie's blackberry banana pancakes, and I would definitely want to order those in the future

All in all a rough week turned into a great weekend and I feel very blessed.

Have you ever been on jury duty? Do you hate it? Love it?

I felt like I learned a lot through the experience and even though I didn't enjoy the content, I do feel like it was a good experience for me as a person, ya know?


  1. Congratulations on the race! Laying on that grass had to be the best feeling ever! lol :)

  2. Congrats on the PR! And I have always secretly wanted to be picked for jury duty. I think I would just find it fascinating, though I'm sure it was very draining!