Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jr. High Soccer Team Bootcamp

On Tuesday, Donny asked if I could lead a bootcamp class for his Jr. High soccer team.  I gladly obliged and put together a simple, fast, no equipment workout we could easily do on their field.

I started by telling the kids that my class at the gym is full on 50 year old ladies, so they should have no problem with the workout. Which worked out great because the boys were anxious to prove their strength.

The team actually did really well and I had a lot of fun with them. I felt like I could banter a little more with them than adults at the gym and could totally call someone out if he or she was slacking.

Here's what I put together.  It ended up being pretty tough.

Donny promised the team that if they behave I'll come back.  But that if they don't behave, I'll still come back but it will be much worse.  So I'm looking forward to doing a few more workouts with them and making it a little more intense.

Did you play team sports in Jr. High?

I went to the school where Donny coaches so it's fun to see what I used to be like and say things like "there's no way I was ever that small!"

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  1. aw sounds fun! i bet the burpees got them - next time, make them do even more if they don't behave lol :)