Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lululemon Surprise!

My post a couple months ago about Lululemon clothing has gotten more comments than any other post I've done so far (and yes - 9 comments is quite a bit for my little blog).

My brother and his girlfriend (seriously dude, put a ring on it) are big fans of Lulu and were pretty convinced that if I just gave it a try, I'd be hooked. 

Well, since they knew I'd never fork over the dough on my own, they very sweetly surprised me with a pair of Lulu shorts and a headband that arrived in the mail on Friday.  For all my Lulu bashing I was STOKED! I mean, who doesn't love getting a surprise package in the mail?
They sent me these shorts, and this headband.
Run: Pace Short
Swifty Headband
Super cute, right?

So because of the busy weekend, yesterday was my first chance to try out my new gear. Some of the high schoolers from church had a baseball game at the Rose Bowl so we did the 3 mile loop before.

This is me attempting Monica's running pose.  How'd I do?

All in all I was pretty darn pleased.  The headband stayed PUT. Even when I put my hoodie on after running, it didn't budge.  But it also didn't hurt my hair or put too much pressure on my head.  It has has this cool technology that supposedly keeps it from getting stinky. I wore it for my cycle class this morning as well. The A/C was out in the gym (stanky!) and I literally had to wring out the sweat after, so we'll see if this technology is enough to withstand my nastiness.

I also really liked the shorts, but will need to try them out for a longer run to see if they're "race material." They definitely didn't ride up on my inner-thunder-thighs as much as some shorts... but they still rode up a little bit. (that's to be expected I suppose). I didn't chafe at all, but I never do for short runs, so I'll see how they do when I start upping my mileage again.

Because we were sweaty and it was getting really cold we didn't stay the whole game, but it was fun to watch high school sports again.

So - would I buy my own Lulu gear? I've gone from "no" to now "maybe."  That's progress, right?  (I do have to say that I'm loving their active swimwear this season...)

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  1. 9 comments is a lot for my blog too!! :) the shorts and headband! ive read so much about all this lulu stuff - i don't think i'd buy anything myself, but if someone sent me a surprise package in the mail i wouldn't object! ;)