Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Ideal Saturday

On Saturday, Donny and I took and adventure date! It incorporated some of my favorite things:
(1) exercising with my husband
(2) exploring new places in LA
(3) eating at a very cute cafe
Every time we've visited the Griffith Observatory I see people hiking the trails all around it - but I never knew where they started.  So I finally did some research and found us a hike, and a cafe to eat lunch at afterward - it was great!

Now if you're from the LA area you'll understand how awesome/weird Griffith Park is.  Right smack dab in the middle of the city you can totally enter a different world of hiking trails, horse back riding, streams, and other nature-y stuff. I'm always amazed by the things we discover in Griffith Park.  If you're from anywhere else in the country all those things probably aren't that unusual, so just trust me when I say that in Los Angeles, any type of nature left is surprising.
 It was a gorgeous day so when we got to the Observatory we sat in the shade and people-watched. It was one of those classic So Cal days - 80 degrees and sunny in March - that remind you why everyone wants to live here.

After our hike we stopped at The Trails Cafe for lunch. It's pretty popular so we waited about 20 minutes to order - but it was totally worth it. I had an egg salad sandwich and hibiscus iced tea and Donny got a "snake" dog and homemade apple pie.

I felt like I was in Big Bear, not 10 minutes from downtown
If you're local and interested: the trail starts on Fern Dell Road off of Los Feliz. There is this super peaceful little meandering path along a little stream that leads up to The Trails Cafe and a little park. The path is maybe half a mile? Past the park is where the trail up to the Observatory starts.  There were two ways up and we weren't sure which one to pick so we just went with the right.  We came back down the other path and realized the one of the left was longer but way less steep.

So you can either do the short walk and go straight to the cafe or hike all the way up to the Observatory (it only took us about 20 minutes) to really work up an appetite.

Yet another opportunity to change up my work outs, get in some good calorie burning on a Saturday, and have a great time with my husband - all around win!

What's your ideal Saturday?

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