Monday, March 18, 2013

My own little garden

I've never been one to enjoy working outside.  I enjoy being outside and doing things outside, I just don't particularly love getting dirty.

My parents love to work in the yard and think paying for a gardener is scandalous, so as a child, I spent many a Saturday whining and complaining about having to help.  Eventually my parents gave up and I happily folded laundry and did dishes while everyone was outside pulling weeds and mowing the lawn. 

But because I was throwing a party for a friend and we'd be sitting outside - I felt like I needed to spruce up our astro-turf yard a bit.

Donny and I headed to the Home Depot Garden Center and wandered around a bit like we actually knew what we were doing.

Luckily the people who had the house before us left all kinds of pots and gardening supplies, so really, our job was very simple.
Side yard "before"

Side yard "after"

Does it get any classier than astro turf and a view of a fence with broken toys in the background? I think not.

And just to prove that I actually did this all myself and didn't just hire one of the guys outside Home Depot:
Dirty fingers! (this is the part where my mom faints in disbelief when she reads this).

Do you enjoy gardening? Any tips to make it easier for a city girl like myself?

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