Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Weddings

Wedding season is quickly approaching and I came up with a challenge for myself. I'm attending three weddings between May 11th and June 15th and want to see if I can wear the same dress to all three, but style it differently according to each event's needs.

On May 11th I'm coordinating my friend's ceremony and reception so my outfit needs to be comfortable, and professional.

On June 8th, my husband is a groomsman for a wedding at our church so it needs to be "church wedding" appropriate.

And on June 15th my good friend from college is getting married outside with a reception inside, so it needs to be all-weather appropriate.

I purchased these three dresses from Modcloth so I can try them on and see which one will be the winner

Option #1:
Tidal Wave Dress
 Option #2:
Maximum Opacity Dress
 Option #3:
Shakespearean in the Park Dress 

The back
Two things I was specifically looking for were appropriate lengths and appropriate necklines (harder to find than you might think).

The dresses should be arriving on Monday and I'm really hoping one will be the clear winner.

Which of the three is your favorite?


  1. I think you will look adorable in all three, Gabby. They are all really cute, which means that the try-on will be decisive. :)