Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel Themed Party

It's been awhile since I hinted at some travel themed party ideas up my sleeve, and now I can finally reveal them all!

On Saturday, I threw my good friend Stephanie a "see you again real soon" party. Steph, Donny and I grew up together and Donny and Matt roomed together in college (Donny takes the credit for introducing them to each other and Matt was the best man in our wedding). They got married about 2 months before us and it's been fun to be on the marriage journey with them. 

Matt is almost done with Med School and his program is sending him to 9 different hospitals in 9 different cities, for a month at a time each.  So they will be all over the country for the next several months and our friends wanted Steph to know that we love her and promise not to forget about her.
Our wedding
my birthday dinner last year
I've loved travel themed parties for awhile, so this was the perfect opportunity to attempt my own.

For decorations I did a lot of "map" things (but unfortunately not all of them photographed very well)
party favors were little jewelry boxes turned "luggage" with a mini handmade lip balm inside
I found a bunch of vintage postcards at an antique store in Old Town Orange

map pin wheels on the front door
map table runners
Brown paper packages tied up with string

 And then just "travel-y" & "vintage-y" accents with lots of flowers

 Oh, and of course lots of good food!

Fun was had by all! (at least I hope so)

In other news, The LA Marathon was Sunday, did any of you run it? I started to feel really jealous of everyone who did... so I've decided it's time to start training again and this time I'm gunning for a full marathon! More details coming soon ;)

I should have known my "break" wasn't going to last much longer than a month...


  1. Oh wow, this travel themed party was totally stunning. The color scheme is also fabulous. My sister loves travelling so I would like to pick this theme for her bridal shower that I want to host on next weekend at the garden event venues in NYC.

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