Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5-week 1/2 marathon training plan

Yesterday was such a weird day.  It started normal, then I got super pumped by watching the elite runners finish the Boston Marathon, and then I was horrified and grieved to watch the rest of the events unfold in Boston as the afternoon wore on.

So probably like many of you, I was pretty out of sorts by yesterday evening.  I had planned a 6 mile run from work to home and was looking forward to just getting out there.  But when I got dressed I realized I forgot my watch and then my phone completely wigged out on me. I decided to put it away and run tech-free - which sounds freeing and glorious - but really, it just sucked.  I like knowing where I am, and how I should be feeling.  I know they say that it's good to just "listen to your body" but if I "listened" to my body all I'd hear was "this hurts, why are you doing this to me??"

It wasn't a bad run per-say but I also just kind of stopped feeling it toward the end.  I was sad about Boston and just wanted to be home.  I cut it short by about .4 of a mile and don't really feel bad about that.

Donny and I had a really relaxing evening in and I iced and rolled/stretched a ton.  I've got this naggling little pain at the back of my leg where my knee bends so I'm trying to be very careful with it.

My next race is The Laguna Hills Memorial Half in 5 weeks. I kind of love creating charts/graphs so I put together my personal training plan to get me there...

You'll see some random-looking inconsistencies with days (some of the long runs aren't on Saturdays, I'm taking a random Monday off, etc.) but I had to factor in life - so that's why. I also don't have any runs scheduled for when I'm on vacation but that's because we're going to DISNEY WORLD!!! and we'll be walking a TON.  I may try to squeeze in a couple runs though... (more on that to come!)


  1. Yay! I love Disney - I used to live 5 minutes away (right by the Gaylord Palms) so I'd always go a lot! Let me know if you need any insider tips! hehe :)

    1. Thanks!! Any insider tips would be greatly appreciated!! You can email me at gabbyroseruns@gmail.com.