Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's 6 AM somewhere...

Yesterday was a loooooong day.

Wednesdays are usually full for me, but yesterday was a particular doozy.

5 AM - first alarm
5:15 AM - final alarm
5:45 AM - teach cycle class at gym
7:30 AM - start work
4 PM - go home and eat dinner, change, catch my breath
5:15 PM - head back to the gym to teach bootcamp circuit
7 PM - straight to church
8:30 PM - catch tail end of a very rough meeting taking place at the church/school where I work
10 PM - get home, water plants, straighten house, pet cats
10:30 PM - Donny gets home from that same meeting, we debrief the day
11:00 PM - sleep!

So today, I'm TIRED. I accidentally slept in an hour longer than I planned, but somehow still managed to get to work on time (still not quite sure how that happened...)

But hey, coffee exists, so no biggie.
Cute sign from Will Cook for Smiles

I'm planning on running with some friends this evening (social miles) so if I'm feeling OK, I might try to get in another couple, but I won't hold myself to it if I'm not feeling it by the end of the day.

And while we're on the subject of coffee, and since this is a blog, here's a graphic using coffee to explain social media: