Thursday, April 25, 2013

Too Much Fun

The last few days have been filled with events and it's hard to keep track of everything.

This is going to be a long one, so grab some coffee and maybe a sandwich, and feel free to skip all the boring text and just scan the pictures (I'm not the only one who does that, right?)


I was supposed to get in a 7-8 mile run, but some friends stayed over on Friday night on their way from Portland. We ended up chatting until after 2 a.m. so a 7 a.m run just wasn't going to happen.

We were celebrating my dad's birthday on Saturday by taking the train down to San Juan Capistrano.  We had a slight mix up with our tickets... and may have boarded a train to San Bernardino on our way home (instead of Los Angeles) but all in all, it was a great day!

Because I skipped the run on Saturday, after staying at church until 2:30 because of a friend's bridal shower, I rushed home, changed, and headed out to the gym. I usually try to avoid long treadmill runs, but because it was the middle of the day and about 85 degrees - that was my best option.
I came well prepared with my music, magazine, water, towel and Gatorade chews.  The gym was pleasantly empty and Discovery Channel was showing a Myth Busters marathon, so it wasn't as miserable as I anticipated.  I'm also not gonna lie... it also feels pretty epic to have the treadmill shut down after an hour and tell you your workout is over.  I still had a couple more miles though, so I rebooted it and kept going.  And then I also got self conscious that people might walk by and see that I'd "only" been running for 20 minutes but was drenched in I covered the screen with my towel... my pride knows no bounds...

I didn't leave myself much time to stretch and cool down because friends were meeting us at our house at 5:30 to head down to San Clemente to see the band The Brilliance. I think I've mentioned them before?  We're big fans. 
These are my friend Valerie's photos 'cuz mine turned out crappy. Check out her fitness blog too!
 I don't usually like staying out so late on a school night, but once I realized how close the venue was to Pedro's Tacos, I was sold.  If you haven't ever had Pedro's Tacos you are missing out.

They have probably, the best burrito I've ever eaten.  It's called Pedro's California Burrito and after one bite I regretted not ordering two (even though they're huge).

The show was great and we didn't get home as late I anticipated.


On Monday Donny and had tickets for the Brooklyn Festival: Planetarium with Sufjan Steven's at The Disney Concert Hall.  Donny loves the Disney Concert Hall and has really been wanting me to go... but I'm just not all that into Classical music. He'd been waiting for a show that we'd both be excited to see so when he found out about this show, he jumped at the chance. He may have gotten a little over excited and we may have had the best seats in the house.... it was a once in a lifetime experience.

The music was weird and amazing.  I didn't really know what was going on half the time... but, and this is saying a lot for me, I was disappointed when it was already intermission.

I also enjoyed the chance to get dressed up and wear sparkly things!

We celebrated Administrative Professionals Day on Tuesday and all of us administrative professionals were taken out to Hook Burger.  My stomach had been a little off since Monday but my usual piggy-ness didn't let that stop me from enjoying a HUGE burger, onion rings, a "jar" cake and iced coffee. 
 My stomach was hurting pretty badly (shocking, right?) but again, wise decision of the day #2, I thought a run might settle it.  I joined some friends at the local high school track and got in about a mile and half before I had to call it quits and by Tuesday night I was basically puking my brains out.  I didn't make it to work yesterday because my stomach was still churning and even still today I'm not quite 100%. I've been sick waaay more than usual over the past 6 months so I really need to figure out what's going on...

Well there you have it.  It was a fun, friend, family, music and puke filled few days!

 I won't be running today and I'll probably have to cut Saturday's long run a little short since my body is still in a weakened state. Thanks for sticking it out with such a long and rambling post!

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