Monday, April 8, 2013

Watch out world here I come!

Donny and I are all about being economical.  We don't have cable, we rarely eat out and we've only ever had the basic non "smart" phones. I'm talking flip phone circa 2007 status...

I've been doing some research and realized that if we switched from AT&T to a prepaid plan, we could actually get smartphones with unlimited data for about $20 LESS per month than what we were currently paying.  Crazy right?

So we're officially part of the 21st century club... our membership cards should be coming in the mail any day now...

We got a pretty basic Android phone (its called the Optimus Prime Elite, or something like that).

I'm pretty much using it to its full potential by Instagraming everything I see and hounding Donny to draw me pictures on Draw Something.  The necessities, ya know?

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