Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Disney World Vacation: Day 1

We had a fabulous vacation at Disney World and I have a ton of photos and things I want to share, so I'll be doing individual posts by day.

We left fairly early on Saturday morning, and because we had a church event until late Friday night - we were up pretty late to finish packing.  Donny's mom drove us to the airport and since it was so early and a Saturday, we got through security and were at our gate within 30 minutes of arriving at LAX (see, sometimes, LAX isn't horrible).

We flew with Virgin America and had a great experience! Their check-in counter was the coolest I'd ever seen.  They were playing music, had live flower arrangements and had cool lighting and stuff. 
Most of the time, I sleep on planes since we're usually flying at night. But because we had a direct flight during the day, I was looking forward to reading and watching TV. I bought an overpriced coffee, and settled in for a great flight.
Our "travel" clothes. I go for comfy/cute, Donny's look is more of what I'd call dorky/dad...
I was totally obsessed with this game in Jr. High
We arrived in Orlando without any issues and headed to the Disney Magical Express counter where we boarded a bus and arrived at our hotel by about 5 PM.

We stayed at the Disney All-Star Music Resort - solely because they had an entire Mighty Ducks building and Mighty Ducks swimming pool.  Prior to arriving, I had requested that building both online and over the phone.  But when we checked in, the lady told us that they'd "upgraded" us to a preferred room in the Fantastia building... uh oh... I told her about our request and pointed at Donny's jersey and explained that it was kind of a big deal for us to be in the Ducks building.  She cracked up and got on the phone and within a few minutes they cleared everything up.
Although we were pretty exhausted, we were still running on adrenaline and the excitement so we wanted to explore a bit. 

If you're staying at any of the Disney World resorts (I think there's like 30 or something crazy like that) - they have a free transportation system to any of the parks and Downtown Disney.  So we boarded a very crowded bus to see what Downtown Disney had to offer. Since it was about 7 PM on a Saturday night, there were a ton of people but it created a fun and festive atmosphere.  We were pretty hungry but it looked like most of the restaurants required reservations so we were getting a little worried until we found Splitsville a "luxury bowling alley." They also had a restaurant and since we didn't want to bowl - we were seated in their upstairs open-air dining area right away. The food was decent and it was nice sitting above all the commotion and looking down at all the other restaurants and shops.

We explored Downtown Disney a little bit and found some fun things...
Mmm candy apples...
An entire Lego family
By the time we got back on another bus and got to our hotel it was pretty late so we went straight to bed so we'd be ready for a full day at Disney Hollywood Studios on Sunday!

To be continued...

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