Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dress Update ('cuz I'm sure ya'll have been dying to hear)

I realized that I never followed up on my post about dresses for upcoming weddings!

I ended up hating all three that I ordered. The gray was too small, the pink was too big and the blue was too short. (They were all the same size though - go figure). So I returned all of them. Sad times.

I did find this dress from Nordstrom Rack that I wore to the Disney Concert Hall last week.

It was half the price of the cheapest dress from Mod Cloth so it will probably make an appearance at the wedding in May, and I can still feel justified getting another for the June weddings.

I also still need to work on shoes and accessories... I'm hanging out with some girl friends on Saturday so maybe we can get a little bit of shopping in...

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