Monday, May 13, 2013

Fitting running in with the rest of life

Let's see... where did we leave off?

Training was going well up until last week.  I just wasn't feelin' it.  I had a GREAT 10 miler last Saturday and a pretty decent tempo run last Monday... but then the rest of the week just sort of got away from me.  I still did my 2 cycle classes and a bootcamp... but no additional running.

I coordinated a wedding and reception for some friends on Saturday - which was beautiful, by the way...
But with Mother's Day yesterday I didn't get in a long run.  I think I'm going to have to do it before work tomorrow.  I'm not quite sure how I'm going to finagle (I can't believe "finagle" came up as a real word...) a 12 miler when I start work at 7:30... but it must happen so I'll find a way!

Donny and I leave for Disney World on Saturday morning and then the Laguna Hills Half is on Monday so my timing is actually really good since I'll be tapering on vacation.

I decided to sign up for the City Impact Ventura Beach Half Marathon on June 15th. (I'd mentioned before that I wanted to do the Run Montecito in Santa Barbara in July - but my family will be on vacay in San Clemente that weekend and I decided to be with them - so this is replacing that.)

It's hosted by City Impact which is an outreach for at-risk children, youth and families in Ventura County.  I've read a couple good reviews about the race and it's cheap so that makes me happy... but I also get a little nervous when races don't have super official websites... has anyone done it before that can give me any more info on it?

 I'll be wedding-ing it up both the night before and the day after but the wedding the night before is in Santa Clarita which is where I went to school (The Master's College - woot woot!) and is almost half way to Ventura, so I might see if we can stay out there with someone...

I think I'll go into this one as a little more low-key, fun, supporting kids, etc. type of goals - we'll see though - I'm way too competitive with myself...

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