Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm going to Disney World!

I keep saying that as if I just won the Super Bowl.

As I've mentioned a few a million times already - Donny and I are leaving for Disney World this weekend!

My husband and I really enjoy traveling. We went to Brazil on a missions trip before we were dating. *Funny/cute story actually - I've been crazy about Donny since Jr. High, but it took him a little longer to come around.  But while we were in Brazil, we were both assigned the "shovel piles of rocks for hours on end" station (totally the Lord's doing, by the way). And it was during that time of shoveling, shoveling and more shoveling that he says he really fell in love with me.... sigh... :)* -end side note.
Brazil - 2009
But we've also been to Hawaii (for our honeymoon), Toronto (for the Hockey Hall of Fame) and Niagara Falls, Italy (another missions trip) and Jamaica!
Honeymoon in Hawaii - at the top of Diamond Head  
Since we both have so many places we want to go, we've decided to take turns with who gets to plan that year's trip.  So this year is Donny's turn and he's fulfilling a childhood dream.

He was a big fan of all things Disney as a kid.  When Donny was 11, he and his friend Matt took tickets from his parents' bedroom, packed snacks and actually started riding their bikes to Disneyland in Anaheim before giving up on the plan (they lived 30 miles away from the park). His favorite episodes of the TGIF lineup were when they took trips to Disney World (Step by Step, Boy Meets World, Full House, etc.) and he even called in for the free Disney World vacation planning video. In 1993, when he heard that Disney was starting a hockey team based on his beloved movie, The Mighty Ducks, he decided that the Ducks would be his hockey team, and he was their biggest fan before they even played their first game - true story (granted, he was only 8).

So that brings us to today, he's still a big Disney fan (and probably, an even bigger Ducks fans) and we're combining both of those loves!
He wishes this were his car
Not only are we going to Disney World, but we're stay at the All-Star Disney Movie Resort in our specially requested Mighty Ducks Building!

They have a hockey rink swimming pool
and rooms with Mighty Ducks comforters and movie posters
Basically, a dream come true.

I went to Disney World with my grandparents when I was in 7th grade so I'm excited to go again and share it with Donny, and probably appreciate it much more.  And we're both just really looking forward to a break.

The Disney World website has a whole page dedicated to the running paths around the property so I'm kind of curious to try to some of them out. I'm not planning on doing any serious running though.

We're giving each of the 4 parks a full day, and are planning to have a day off in the middle to recover.

We've had Disneyland annual passes off and on for the past 5 or 6 years, so we know most of the ins-and-outs of our park - so I'm excited for the new-to-us-ness that Disney World will bring!

Anyone have any suggestions of must-dos? Things we shouldn't miss? Things that aren't worth the time?

See ya from Florida!

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