Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disney World Vacation: Day 2

After a too-short night of sleep we woke up bright and early on Sunday to tackle Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Doesn't this look strangely familiar to another Disney Park...
We decided to start with that particular park because the "Unofficial Guide to Disney World App" (which is like $12 but was totally worth it, by the way) rated it as a 4.something on a scale of 1-10 for crowds that day. It rates how crowded the parks are expected to get on a particular day so you can try to plan around them.  It also has fairly accurate wait times for all the rides & attractions, and probably most helpful - it will create a schedule for you based on which attractions you want to do based on the time of day, the popularity of the attraction and how crowded it is currently or will be getting later on.  Make sense?  It's pretty futuristic.

The buses to the parks (supposedly) start running 45 minutes before that particular park opens, so since DHS was opening at 8... Donny wanted to be in line at 7:15.  We actually ended up getting in line at like 7:10 and were the first one's there!
my eyes look sleepy.... and check out my sweet fanny pack
Unfortunately, our bus arrived much later than expected so we didn't end up getting there until about 8:30. We were excited to be somewhere new and were a little confused about the layout of the park so we wandered around a bit before finding the Back Lot Tour - the first stop on our list.

It was also the first weekend of "Star Wars Weekends" at DHS so that was an extra treat for Donny.
Ewok Chip 'n' Dale are quite possibly the cutest things I can think of
Ok wait actually, maybe this baby with squeaky sandals that was chasing those creepy guys was cuter...

In front of Star Tours. They have a lot more space to do elaborate "theme-ing"
 Donny was probably most excited about this park because it had a lot of his favorite movie things (Muppets, Indiana Jones) and two of his favorite rides (Star Tours and Tower of Terror.)
When we got to the Indiana Jones stunt show, they were asking for volunteers so I excitedly raised my hand since you know, who ever actually gets picked for those type of things, right?  Well, the lady locked on me immediately and called me down.  It was pretty legit - I had to sign a waiver and got a costume and everything.  It was pretty much Donny's proudest moment of his wife - ever.
I don't do Tower of Terror
There were some really cool back lot things and those perspective murals that make things look bigger & farther
San Fransisco
New York

We had been so busy leading up to the trip and then hadn't slept long enough the night before, so I was reeeaallly tired the entire day. You see, I have this gift/curse of being able to sleep ANYWHERE. I can get a solid night's sleep on a plane or a car, and I've even fallen asleep at a show leaning on the subwoofer. (It's truly the grace of God that I survived all those late night drives to and from Santa Clarita in college).

So all day Sunday I was falling asleep in shows and on rides. My head was doing that droop thing even during "Lights, Motors, Action!" a stunt show with loud cars and fire and stuff.

Since I was so exhausted and because the app made us so efficient, we'd finished everything but Fantasmic! by about 6 PM.  The show wasn't scheduled until 9 PM, so we decided to forgoe it in exchange for a good night's sleep to be ready for Magic Kingdom on Monday!

We did stop for a quick mac & cheese-bacon-truffle oil-hot dog though...

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