Thursday, June 13, 2013

Disney World Vacation: Day 4

After spending two full days at the parks, Donny and I were looking forward to taking a day off.

On Tuesday morning we slept in until like 10, lounged at the pool, ate a late brunch, and basically just vegged. It worked out because Tuesday ended up being the rainiest day of our trip, so it was better we weren't at a park.

Because we were in our room most of the day and left the "Privacy Please" sign on the door, "Mouse"keeping was "sorry they missed us" and left fresh towels, toilet paper and toiletries in a big ol' bag on our door - gotta love that Disney Magic.
In the mid afternoon we took a bus over to Downtown Disney and ran from store to store to avoid the rain.  Donny's a surprisingly patient shopper and he happily wandered every store I wanted to go in.
Whaaat? A book about kids solving mysteries in Disney World?? You better believe I bought it.
I was tempted by the $50 Minnie Mouse rice krispy treat... but I refrained
An EPCOT ball to add to your personal Monorail train track
I'd been hankering for one of those humungous candy apples so we decided on a light dinner at Earl of Sandwich so I could make myself sick on chocolate.  Good plan, right? We also didn't want to hit the huge crowds going back to the hotel and left Downtown Disney in the early evening.

We also took advantage of the good evening, post-rain lighting to get some photos around the hotel. (I'm a huge fan of Trip Advisor and see it as my personal responsibility to get good photos for honest and accurate reviews - check out my other reviews!

The pictures below are basically "The Donny Show" since I had the camera.  The hotel had several themed buildings with different Disney movies...

 When we got back to the room, I was super excited to snuggle into the bed with my coffee, candy apple and HG TV. But I only made it about halfway through before I passed out in a sugar coma dreaming of EPCOT the next day...

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  1. So glad you're having a great time!! I *just* moved away from Disney two weeks ago - and your posts def have me wanting to move back! :) Love that you're a People Mover fan too haha everyone always makes fun of me, but it's so relaxing and I love going inside Space Mountain! Hope you had a great time at Epcot - Illuminations is the best and I know you'll love Soaring :) Safe travels! :)