Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July Race Recap

Sometimes life just isn't fair.

I bring you, Donny versus Gabby in "who looks like they run regularly, train for races and take it very seriously" and "who looks like it's their first race and they haven't gone for a run in months"....
That's right, you guessed it (wait, did you guess it?  Sometimes tone is hard to convey in writing.  I'm the one who runs regularly, Donny is the one who is just naturally fit and barely tries).

But there he is, looking calm, cool and collected as he crosses the finish line.  Good posture, strong legs, controlled breathing.  And then there's me....

 Donny finished in 22 minutes, coming in 275th finishing in the top 10% and I finished in a despicable 29 minutes coming in somewhere right in the middle. You can just call me Ms. Middle of the Pack.

We ran the Village Runner 4th of July 5k last week and I officially declare to never run a 5k for time again.
It's just too dang short. I need more time to warm up and get into the rhythm of things.  But with only 3 miles you have to run so fast!

I do have to admit that whatever the distance - I LOVE racing. It's just part of my competitive nature.  Since my birthday falls just two days after 4th of July, I asked that one of my gifts be Donny running a race with me.  And even though I look like death in my picture, and I hated pretty much every step past mile 1, we had a really good time.
 The race was in Redondo Beach (I heart beach running) and had a great little expo.  Between the two of us, I think we came home with like 8 reusable shopping bags, tons on sunscreen and muscle cream and more stress balls than any family of two will ever need.
There was also a booth handing out hot pizza, and another giving out legit fresh fruit.  We also discovered my newest love in life - protein ice cream! Have any of you heard of Arctic Zero before? I'm officially hooked!
They were just giving out little sample cups, but when the girl saw me, she recognized me from this blog and gave us free pints!

Ok, ok, ok - it didn't quite happen that way.  She actually just really liked my costume and asked if she could take our picture.  We did get free pints though - that part of the story was true.

This ice cream is pretty magical...the whole pint is only 150 calories and is packed with protein.  It was creamy and smooth too - not chalky like some protein stuff is.
After wandering the expo and getting my sweating slightly under control... we headed to my favorite breakfast place, Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Manhattan Beach! I think we've ended up there every 4th of July for the past 3 years.
They have this egg dish that is TO DIE for.  It's got ortega chiles and cream cheese and is uhmazzing!

We sat on the patio overlooking the ocean and enjoyed our not-so-well-deserved (see another reason 5ks suck - you don't get the completely guilt-free food pig-out that you do with a longer race) breakfast.

We headed home after that to get ready for our family 4th of July party at my aunt and uncle's house.
It was a great 4th of July! (and kickoff to my birthday week!)

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