Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Am I Boring You Yet?: Part 1

I'm completely jacking this idea from Skinny Runner who does a weekly phone dump - but it's such a good idea, I've got to do it too! I take so many pictures on my phone that just do not warrant entire blog posts...but are still maybe kinda sorta interesting?

I also like excuses to make make little graphics...

Many of these have made it to Instagram so be sure to follow me @gabyroseruns to get them in real time yo!
spilling hot tea all over my pants at work
my girliest shopping trip to Target ever
Outfit for my bro-in law and sis-in-law's vow renewal ceremony
delicious punch and the tag I crafted for it
appetizer table

My little brother's new kitty
Lacey's wedding

Donny's birthday table & decorations

Donny loves eating home cooking and just hanging out at home so that's all we did on his birthday.  I made him Belgium waffles for breakfast, baked ziti for lunch, and chocolate chip cookies, ambrosia salad and Oreo cheesecake for snacks.

Waffle fry nachos from The Lobos Food Truck... soooo good (don't worry, I only ate a few bites)
4th of July shorts I painted
Manhattan Beach on the 4th
Amazing birthday gift basket from Katelyn!
and a sign she made
Shopping at the Irvine Spectrum - I've never seen so many teeny boppers with long blonde hair, crop tops and shorty-shorts in once place!
Bobby likes to be in boxes, in baskets, and baskets in boxes.

Laying out in Palm Springs

Giant Marilyn Statue by our hotel

Dinner in PS
Breakfast in PS - yep, that's an upside down coffee mug

the little guy is just so cute
apple from the tree at my work!
conquering the Mt. Lowe trail
Ruins from the old Mt. Lowe Hotel

I took this picture because I couldn't help but sing, "purple mountain majesty!"

That was a doozy since it was the first - future "Am I Boring You Yet?" posts shouldn't be so full!

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