Monday, July 15, 2013

Disney Vacation: Day 6

Donny and I spent our last full day in Florida at the Animal Kingdom! It was probably the park we were both looking forward to least, but it was kind of nice that there wasn't a lot of pressure to make sure we saw and did everything.

The Safari Trek was top on my list (Donny has been on a "real" African safari in Tanzania so he likes to point out that it was way better - whatev, I thought it was cool) I was also looking forward to the water raft ride & Expedition Everest.

We got to the park fairly early and headed straight for the safari trek. We only waited about 20 minutes which is really good because apparently the line is sometimes a couple hours long, plus they say that the animals are more active in the morning.

Some of our favorites from the day were the The Finding Nemo stage show, The Lion King show, and all of the ornate theming throughout the park. I feel like Disney really outdid itself with the decorating on this park...

Overall, it wasn't my favorite park, but we still really enjoyed seeing everything, and since it's smaller than the other parks, we could take our time with things.

The park closed at 6 pm, so since we were so close to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we took a bus over there to check it out.  These are photos from the Disney website, I forgot to take my own.
Pretty spectacular, right?  I think if we were to do Disney World again, I'd like to stay in this hotel.  But, I also like the idea of the hotel right next to Epcot so you can go into the World Showcase for dinner every night... but then again, the Polynesian looked pretty good too.... decisions, decisions...

After snooping we got back on the Disney buses and went to Downtown Disney for our last dinner:(

We ate at a Latin American fusion restaurant called Paradiso 37.  One of my favorite things to do is relaxing on a restaurant patio with a drink and people watching - so this place was perfect for that.

Again, I failed to take photos (my phone was kind of acting up the whole trip) so here are some, courtesy of Google images:
If we were to return, I would definitely eat here again.

We'd already learned the hard way that the later it gets, the longer the bus lines for returning to your hotel, so we didn't hang around much after eating and headed back to our room to start packing for our mid-day departure the next day.

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