Friday, July 5, 2013

Disney World Vacation: Day 5

I'm starting to forget everything we did since it's been over a month since our trip :(  Let's see...

Day 5 was Epcot!

Daisy is officially my favorite classic Disney character.  She goes with Donald and she's just so cute!
 I took a million bazillion photos because it was probably my favorite of the parks. Well, specifically, the World's Showcase.  The slightly outdated "science-y" stuff in "Future World" got a little boring after awhile, and I was kind of annoyed with the Disney agenda of getting everyone to start recycling, stop using gasoline, and start growing plants upside down in your backyard type of stuff (*please note - I'm mostly kidding - I do love our planet).
Test Track: learning how to build cars or something
We got to the World's Showcase around noon, and I was a little concerned that we would be able to fill our time until the 9:30 PM firework show.... oh how wrong I was....


Inside! It kinda had a Blue Bayou from Disneyland feel to it


My homeland - Germany!

Disappointing Bavarian pretzel...

Disney version is much more "pristine"

"Venice" with the Epcot Ball in the background
Why are you so angry, Lady?



delicious coffee and pastry from Paris
The U.K.!

The appropriate characters were in each of their countries. Alice and Mary Poppins in the U.K., Mulan in China, Belle in France, Aladdin and Jasmine in Morocco (probably a bit of a stretch), etc.


 We literally finished the World Showcase with just enough time to find a good spot for the firework show and take a breather!

After the fireworks/light show we followed the massive crowd out and spent about an hour riding all of the Disney World Monorail tracks.  They actually use it for transportation! (unlike Disneyland where it's more just an attraction).

We were EXHAUSTED when we got back to the hotel, but looking forward to our final day at the parks the next morning - Animal Kingdom!

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  1. ohhh these pics just made me so homesick for orlando (even though i literally just moved lol) - looks like u guys had the best time! :) yay for disney! ♥