Thursday, August 1, 2013

100 miles in 31 days

Since I've said sayonara to July and am welcoming August with open arms, I decided to create a little challenge for me and Donny (I do love a good challenge).

We are going to run three miles every day for the 31 days of August!

I've definitely been in a running rut and have found dozens of excuses to not run over the past month.  I also know that one of my biggest weaknesses in training is just getting miles under my feet, day in, day out.  When I've trained for half marathons I'm usually pretty consistent and disciplined with my weekend long runs, but less disciplined with the weekly runs. I want to force that out of me by committing to run

Why three miles a day specifically?

I decided on three miles a day for a number of reasons. I've heard of one mile a day challenges - but I know that if I only challenged myself to one mile a day I would only do one mile a day. Make sense? Although I may not always want to, I know my body needs more exercise than that.  I figure that running three miles is about 25-30 minutes of cardio which is healthy - but definitely manageable.

Donny said that he's been feeling a little sluggish lately too and is going to do the runs with me. It will be good accountability, and good for our relationship.  I mean really, how many hours of  The Office on DVD can one couple sit and watch anyway?
If you noticed this post's title you may be doing some math and wondering how three miles/day x 31 days in August comes out to 100 miles.  Don't worry - I know that it doesn't.  It does come out to 93 miles though. And 93 is so close to 100, I decided to just round up.  I haven't decided yet if I'll spread those 7 miles out... or just make the run on the 31st a 10 miler.  That would be pretty epic wouldn't it?

I have a quite a few disclaimers, so please continue reading...

*I know that taking at least one rest day a week is important for health and prevention of injury, so I'm giving myself the freedom to make one of the runs a week a walk/run ratio that is heavy on walking.

*I'm also allowing us to take walk breaks on other runs if we're feeling the need.

*This is NOT a plan for everyone or all fitness levels and I am not a certified running coach.  Donny and I both have a solid cardio base and have regularly done 20 mile/week runs during training (we've just been slacking the last couple months) so this works for us, but find a plan that works for you.

*There may be days when we can't run together, but we'll still get those runs in independently. Ideally though, we'll do as many together as possible.

Finally - what good is a challenge without a little motivation? If I'm successful I'm going to let myself purchase a new pair of running shoes! I've been drooling over the Mizuno Wave Riders 16 for quite awhile. They came out last November (literally like, a month after I bought the 15s), but I'm not made of money, yo - so I've been waiting to drop the $100+ until I actually needed them. I'll still have a good 100 miles on my 15s left but I'll keep wearing them for training.
This color is still available at
 But I won't buy them unless I complete my challenge so I'm really trying to use that as motivation to be successful.

Do you run every day? Ever completed a running challenge?

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