Friday, August 2, 2013

#100MilesinAugust: Day 1 recap

I doubt I'll do updates every day... but we'll see...
Yesterday evening's run was a little rougher than I expected... Apparently I'm worse off than I thought... But I'm not going to get too down on myself because that's why I'm doing this, I need to get back in shape.

We ended up doing 3.4 miles (you better believe I keep track of that .4) and I was huffing and puffing!

In other news, I've really been into matte nails lately, but I didn't know how that even worked. (Do you have to buy matte colors? Do they just sell them at Target? I'm kind of dumb about girly things sometimes.)  I mentioned it to a friend who is well versed in the world of nail art, and yesterday, she gave me a matte top coat! I'm in LOVE with it! I put it on my gray right away and loved it. And then last night I switched to mint.  So far I'm loving both colors and can't to try it on others!

Why yes, that is a new dress in the background ;)

My mother-in-law and I went shopping yesterday at Ross and we scored some excellent deals.
 Yeah... those are the same dresses, just in different colors.   But one of was $14 and one was $15 - you just can't beat prices like that!
I have a pair of tan wedges that are so old and banged up they need to be thrown away - so this was a very justified purchase (plus - MIL got 'em for me, so double score!)

Welp - finding an easy time to run didn't last long and it looks like today's run is going to be happening after a church event tonight, that gets us home around 11 PM. We live in a very safe neighborhood and my husband is brave and true, (channeling Ernest Hemmingway there for a second, sorry) so it won't be dangerous, it will just be tired...

In a perfect world, what time would you run?

7 am is probably my favorite time to run.  Not too hot, but not butt-crack-of-dawn early... and then I'd go out to breakfast afterward! Oh, and I'd be running on a path along the beach!

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