Tuesday, August 13, 2013

38 Miles Completed...

...but not quite 38 miles ran...

My body is so weird and inconsistent.

On Friday, I had my best run of the month yet! I felt strong and finished three miles in 29:10.  (That's faster than my Redondo Beach 5k on the 4th of July)
Don't I kind of look like a midget here?
But then on Saturday my shins completely freaked out on me.
Prior to my horrible, limping run/walk
They ached so badly that every time I stepped down, I felt the pain wrap around my calf and move to my shin. It was weird and painful and frustrating. We ended up walking about half of it.

I decided to take 2 days easy after that, so Sunday and yesterday I walked the entire thing (actually, I ran like 5 minutes on Sunday to test it out - and regretted it as soon as I stopped).

I'm a little disappointed that I've had to walk so much this month - it's not quite what I anticipated.

But, the aching has subsided considerably, so I'm going to try an easy jog today. Plus - walking is soooo slow. I know that I'm not a fast runner by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm always amazed that even my slowest running pace is almost twice as fast as walking. Although walking does have certain benefits (like I can read and mess around with my phone) I'm ready to pick up the pace again.

I saw a thing on Facebook today about Asics running plans so I've been having fun playing around with it on their website.  It's cool because you enter the date and distance of your race, your goal time, your current longest race time, age & gender and then they give you a very specific plan tailored to your specific needs. You can also use their phone app feature to track your runs, and if your times are different than what the plan suggests, it will modify to either make it easier or harder, depending on how you're doing.

 Also - if you sign up for a plan before August 18 - you're entered in a drawing for a free entry to the NYC Marathon.

Funny sidenote - I had Asics knee pads for Jr. High volleyball and used to pronounce Asics as "O-Asics" because I thought the "A" at the front of the logo was a fancy "O"... it was pretty embarrassing when my coach finally corrected me.... anyway...

I'm planning on running the LA Marathon on March 9th and am excited to start training! The hard stuff won't officially start until October, but the Asics plan lets me start as soon as I want, and just gives easy miles and plenty of rest until the real training begins.


  1. Great work in your running streak! That's super awesome!! BOO for shin pain!! Hope they are feeling 100% before too long!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I've taken like 3 days easy, so hopefully they'll be better. :)