Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Upcoming Races

Are you bored with my running updates yet? I'm def getting there, so I'll keep yesterday's short and say it really fast.


Okay on to more important matters more running talk.

It's finally getting close enough to Fall/Winter races that I can start making concrete plans.  So when I saw a code for $13 off any Rock 'n' Roll race, I decided to go for it and sign up for the Pasadena Half on February 16, 2014! It's about 3 weeks before the LA Marathon, but that will be good indicator of how I'm doing. That's still feels like a bazillion years from now but I'm super excited to race in an area that I'm actually familiar with.  This will be my closest race to home yet.  Plus a friend and her husband signed up as well, so it's always extra fun when people you know are there too.

I made a list a few months back with my goal races for the rest of the year, but I might be changing it up a bit. Yesterday, I came up with a list of five races that I'd like to do between now and the LA Marathon, but feasibly, I can probably only do three.  I signed up for one yesterday, which leaves me to choose two more.

(All half marathons)
Sunday, November 3 - Santa Clarita

Saturday, November 9 - She Runs San Diego

Sunday, December 8 - Santa to the Sea, Oxnard

Sunday, December 15 - Holly Jolly Half, Camarillo

Saturday, February 8 - Mermaid Run, San Diego

Sunday, February 16 - Pasadena Rock 'n' Roll (already signed up!)

(notice a pattern? I like runs near the beach...)

As I've mentioned before, I prefer Saturday races so I don't miss church. But it seems like the only Saturday races are in San Diego which is kind of far.  I went to college in Santa Clarita and that's where my bro and sis in law, and several friends, still live - so a race in SC would be very easy. I could actually make it to later church service with someone even. Also I know I definitely want to do a Christmas race, (hello awesome costume) but which one? Decisions, decisions...

Have any of you done any of those races?  Any tips or suggestions?  Any races you have on the calendar that I should add to my list of consideration? I've got to sign up for some of these before August 30 to get the best price, so I need to make up my mind soon!

Gash there's no photos on this post! Here's a picture of a scone on a donut plate.  You're welcome.

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