Friday, September 6, 2013

Am I Boring You Yet? Part 2

I've been pretty busy with life and running the past month so it's been a little silent over at Gabby Rose Runs.  A lot has happened so instead of recapping everything I thought another installment of Am I Boring You Yet? would be fitting...

August 13th
I love Oikos Greek Yogurt.  I know it's not as "authentic" as others, but I love the creamy texture.
If you work at a desk you need a Page Up. It will change your life. Especially if it has little fishies in it.

August 15th
 My new Pro Compression Racers in neon green

August 21st
Re-enacting our vow right where we said "I Do" 3 years ago to the day

August 22
 Being creative at work
Celebrating our 3 year anniversary
Anniversary Mexican Feast!

Changing out of the dress and into shorts for our 3 miles in Anaheim 

August 30

Celebrating my mom's 50th birthday with a polka dot themed party!

 August 31 -September1
Celebrating my mom's birthday weekend at Disneyland.
It was soooo hot.  While we were walking by, my dad just dropped down and sat by this air vent. The insane heat did keep the crowds away from the park though.

Apple boysenberry slush with Mango froth! So delish.

Helping Chad carb load the night before the Disneyland Half Marathon

September 2
breakfast on Labor Day at the El Monte Airport
Celebrating Labor Day with good friends who've been out of town for over 4 months!
Watermelon salad from Europane in Pasadena
September 3

Another late anniversary date - seeing Fun. at the Greek Theatre!
hot dog legs!

September 4

First day of school!

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