Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Pasadena says bye bye

I recently signed up for the Pasadena Half Marathon which was going to be held on February 16th.  However, I recently got word that they've canceled the race due to lack of interest. It's surprising they would already make that call this far out - but I guess they have their ways of knowing if the race is going to work.

They're offering full refunds or transfers to other races.  I only paid $86 - so if I can transfer to the Los Angeles race without paying any more, I'll be happy.  RnR LA is being held on October 27 so I still have another 7 weeks to prepare for it.  I also kind of want to dress up in a costume for it since it's Halloween themed.

I love running costumes but last year when I ran RnR LA, it was only my second race ever and I didn't realize how big of a deal costumes even were.

Here are some of my ideas/inspirations...

Adapting my dinosaur Halloween costume from college...
But definitely not wearing leggings or a sweatshirt since it will still be pretty warm...

I have the purple Team Sparkle skirt from my Tangled costume that I could do something with...
 Or I could go as an elf? That would be weird. But maybe funny? But I'm also doing a Christmas race so I might want to save the Hawaiian elf thing...

I saw this photo and thought about adapting it to somehow incorporate all of them and then wearing butterfly wings... so you know, I'd be a social butterfly? (so far everyone I've pitched that idea to says its dumb.)
Since Rock 'n' Roll is all about music though, it might be cool to dress up as an instrument? Like wearing a gold tutu/skirt and being a trumpet, or something like that? This photo is kind of what gave me (ok, Donny) the idea.
Rock 'n' Roll Halloween Half Marathon 2012

Or candy corn? (I'd make my own costume - but these are ideas)
Totaltutu on Etsy
ImYourPresent on Etsy
Gah! I'm so indecisive on this - and none of these ideas are really standing out to me....

Any suggestions?

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