Friday, September 13, 2013

Slowing Down

It's been crazy hot over here in So Cal the last few weeks and which makes it really hard to want to do much of anything. 
 I took this picture as I was trying to get ready for a wedding on Saturday. DIST-GUSTING.

However - the last few days have cooled off considerably (you know it's bad when 85 degrees feels chilly) so I'm finally starting to feel human again.

I took 10 days off of most exercise (I still taught cycle and bootcamp) and my first run of September felt amazing! The weather actually being bearable at 6 PM definitely helped with that. But it was also really refreshing to run on, well, fresh legs. The whole time I just kept telling Donny how good I felt and how much I loved running.

I was a little surprised when my quads were kind of sore the next day since we just did an easy 30 minutes - but it does show how quickly you lose muscle strength when you take time off.

I'm going back to running 3x a week, with 30 minute runs during the week and a longer run on Saturday.  I'm excited about a more manageable schedule after last month.

But back to hot hot Saturday...

Here's what I looked like after I cooled down... I don't want your only visual of me today to be nasty
 We went to a wedding in the early afternoon and then on Saturday evening we took advantage of free air conditioning by going to the Ducks versus Kings Rookie scrimage at The Honda Center.  We brought our neighbor and good friend Shay Bug.
 It was his first hockey game and of course, the first he thing he tells his parents when he gets home, "we saw the 2 guys fight and one went like this (demonstrating a punch) and the other one went like this (demonstrating another punch) it was crazy!"


The event was free so even though we could have sat closer, we went up high so Shay would have more room to be wiggle.

It was fun!
I'm really enjoying a slower schedule in September compared to all of the craziness of summer and we're totally taking advantage of fun and rest!

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