Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Am I Boring You Yet? Part 4

BLUE velvet cake from Aroma Cafe in Studio City
Beautifully frothed milk (Thanks again, Daiso Japan)
Sitting in the theater after Gravity ended...still processing
Halloween themed Mickey cookies
Little known fact - the bread bowls that yo get your salad in are actually BIGGER than the soup bread bowls.  Because we all know, an entire soup bowl made out of bread is just not enough carbs. Supersize me baby!
My brother's kitten being cute naughty
It took almost a full year for the swelling to go down - but Donny is finally able to wear his wedding ring again after breaking his finger in PE
Decorations for my sister-in-law's baby shower!
Anaheim Ducks "Throwback" Night.  The team started in 1993 so they were celebrating their 20 year anniversary with .93 cent popcorn, cupcakes and soda - which happen to be 3 of my favorite things!
Taking the afternoon off - lunch in Old Town Orange at The Filling Station
Bulletin board I designed for work
On October 21st we celebrated one year of living in our little house. We celebrated by visiting all of our favorite, walkable locations.

More crafting!
Panting pumpkins with my girlfriends while Donny was away for the weekened

All of our finished products
The men's bathroom at Aroma Cafe... it had a live flower arrangement and a barber's chair!

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