Monday, October 28, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles - Race Recap

Yesterday I finished half marathon #7.... and in some ways, it is getting easier, but in other's still super hard every time.

Most important things first though... What I Wore
I knew that I wanted to dress up this year and decided to go as candy corn! This was my first time running in a costume and I have to say - it was pretty darn fun.  At the start of the race the announcer singled me out, and then throughout the race people around me and on the sideline cheered for the candy corn and complimented my costume.

I'm not gonna lie - it feels good.

For the most part it all felt okay too (in other words - no chaffing!)
 I made the tutu based on this tutorial. (It took a TON of tulle BTW - I used about 3 1/2 yards and probably could have used more - but it's cheap and if you have a coupon, it's basically free)

I bought a tank on clearance from JC Penny and used SEI dye to create the "ombre" look.
I came up with the hat idea from seeing mini witch's hats (I just didn't do a base) and just cut templates until I got the dimensions I liked.
This girl does not sew - so basically everything was held up with a truck load of hot glue...

The socks are from Sock Dreams and they stayed up okay - but I did get a blister on my left arch because they rubbed in a weird way.  I probably should have washed them first, that usually helps soften clothes up.

I highly recommend running in a costume at least once though.  It definitely added a fun new dimension to the race. 

This was my second time doing the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles. Last year, I went in with a nasty cold and it was a pretty hot day.  I didn't really enjoy the race too much, but I chalked it up to those issues.  I wanted to give it another chance, and had the opportunity to run it again this year, so I did.

I woke up feeling great and the weather was cool and overcast the entire time (albeit a bit humid - but still good running conditions overall). 

So here is my new conclusion about this race.  I really like the race series, the expo was great, Rock 'n' Roll has everything super well organized and well run (something that I appreciate as a fellow event-coordinator)
All my expo goodies!
Meeting Julie Weiss a.ka. Marathon Godess - featured in Spirit of the Marathon II - woman who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks - basically a super hero
Having fun at the Refuel with Chocolate Milk Booth
 BUT... I think I just really don't enjoy the course itself.

It just felt HARD again. Even though I felt better and the weather was better, the course is just kinda bleh.  There are definitely some cool parts like running through downtown with huge skyscrapers around you, and running through the tunnel with music pumping and lights flashing was pretty awesome - but everything else was just kind of bleh.

It's also hard to not feel a little guilty when you pass homeless people who sleep on those streets every night... plus the smell of urine and cat calls from said homeless don't really help either.

My goal for the race was to just have a good time and not injure myself.  My primary goal right now is getting to the LA Marathon well-conditioned and injury free so I just told myself that this was my long training run for the week, not so much a race.

I ended up averaging a good training run pace (for me) at 12:02 per mile, with a finish time of 2:37.  Officially - my WORST race time EVER.

I'm kind of okay with it though. I know I'm not really in racing half marathon shape right now and I felt like I did as well as I could. I don't have any of those regretful, "if only I'd..." feelings because for where my body is today - that truly was the best I could do.

I can actually walk today, and I didn't have any significant pain during the race (shins and hips are the usual culprits). So all in all - I'm content with yesterday and it will still hold positive memories.

I think I probably won't do RnR LA again - but I'd really like to try another one of their races someday.  Maybe San Diego or Arizona... we'll see.

Special thanks to my good friend Lindsey for being my chauffeur, cheerleader photographer and a million other helpful things yesterday!

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  1. Thanks Gabby, I know this is an old blog but I copied your outfit for a recent Halloween 10k in VA. Thanks for the inspiration! :)